What is the Shape of Earth?

Earth has a spherical shape, not exact sphere though.

geoid shape of earth

It is little flattened at the poles. We call this shape Geoid.

It has an equatorial circumference of 24,897 miles and its polar circumference is less by 83 miles (133.5 km).

People and elements do not fall off the earth because of the gravity of the earth.

Evidence of the spherical shape

Circum-navigation of the earth

The first voyage around the world by Ferdinand Magellan (1519 to 1522) proved that the earth is spherical and not flat.

circum navigation of the earth

Ship’s Visibility

When a ship appears over the distant horizon, the top of the mast is seen first before the hull.

Ship's visibility

Line of sight

Sunrise and sunset

The sun rises and sets at different times in different places.

As the earth rotates from west to east, places in the east see the sun earlier than those in the west.

If the earth were flat, the whole world would have sunrise and sunset at the same time.

Lunar eclipse shadow

The shadow cast by the earth on the moon during the lunar eclipse is always circular.

lunar eclipse shadow

Other Planetary bodies

Almost all planetary bodies are spherical. Earth cannot be the only exception.

Aerial photographs

Pictures taken from high altitudes and satellites clearly show that the earth is spherical.

Earth seen from Space

It’s obviously the strongest proof of the fact that the Earth is spherical.

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